It’s 6:00am and the alarm goes off. You roll over and grab your phone to press the snooze button. That extra 8 minutes of sleep becomes precious when 8 hours of sleep doesn’t ever seem to cut it. Little do you realize last night you changed sleeping positions close to 30 times. Changing sleeping positions due to lack of support in your mattress is wearing on your body and your mind to wake up just enough for you to roll over, find a new comfortable position and start the sleep process over again. Meaning you truly never got into the deepest state of sleep to feel rested when you wake up. Known as REM sleep.

What does it feel like to get a good night’s rest? Imagine this. You come home from a long day of work. Eat, shower and crawl into bed. You lay down and you feel instant relief and comfort like never before. The first thing you feel is a soothing cooling sensation on the top of the mattress. The cooling cover promotes moisture-wicking and improves airflow resulting in a drier and cooler sleep environment that also breathes with an airflow border. Second, you release a deep breath and feel all of your aches and pains from the day slowly drowned away from your body into the mattress. The copper Ion infused latex foam in the mattress offers superior pressure relief, enhances spinal alignment, circularly, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Leaving your body feeling totally relaxed and ready to fall asleep. Falling asleep becomes easy and staying asleep is even easier.

Does a mattress like that even exist? The perfect mattress does exist, no more daydreaming about a good night’s sleep. The Scandinavian by Southerland features ultra-premium comfort, copper ion technology, latex, and cooling cover with an airflow border. There is not one comfort for everyone, the Scandinavian line by Southerland offers 4 different comfort levels for you to find the comfort that is just right for you.

Where do you find this mattress? Just Right Mattress Gallery in Early Texas offers the premium Scandinavian line. As a family-owned and operated business in Early Texas, Just Right Mattress Gallery understands the importance of a good night’s sleep. They also understand that it’s not every day you shop for a mattress. At Just Right Mattress Gallery they come from a background of 25 years helping people improve their quality of life through a good night’s sleep. We do this simply through empathy & listening to what you need. You deserve only the best and to wake up always feeling refreshed. Stop by Just Right Mattress Gallery today and pick out your Scandinavian mattress!