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Hartwell – American Sleep Series by Southerland

Step into the Just Right Mattress Gallery of Ridgeland, where the art of sleep is mastered and every mattress is a canvas. Among these masterpieces, the Hartwell collection stands out, offering a symphony of comfort levels—Plush, Firm, and EuroTop—each designed to cater to the unique whispers of your body’s desires.


The Plush, a cloud-like embrace, wraps you in the ThermoBalance® cover, a luxurious fabric blend that breathes cool tranquility into your nights. Beneath this soft caress lies the gel-infused memory foam, a layer that melds to your form, providing a gentle, cooling embrace that lulls you into the deepest realms of dreamland.


For those who seek a more grounded slumber, the Firm variant offers a steadfast support. It shares the same high-quality ThermoBalance® cover but introduces a denser core, where the HD Comfort Foam and PowerEdge® Elite Wrapped Coil System unite to offer a sleep that is both supportive and serene, ensuring that every morning is a rejuvenation.


And then, there is the EuroTop—a pinnacle of luxury. It takes the plush comfort to new heights, adding an extra layer of sumptuous padding atop the mattress. This opulent cushioning invites you into a sleep so plush, so decadent, it’s like resting atop a cloud. The EuroTop cradles every contour of your body, offering an unparalleled level of comfort and luxury.


Each Hartwell mattress, regardless of its comfort level, is designed to articulate gracefully on adjustable bases, allowing you to sculpt your perfect sleep environment. At a regal height of 14 ½”, these mattresses are not just sleeping surfaces but sanctuaries of slumber, where each night is a journey into tranquility.


Welcome to the Just Right Mattress Gallery of Ridgeland, where the Hartwell collection awaits, ready to transform your sleep into an exquisite experience, tailored just for you. Whether you seek the gentle embrace of the Plush, the steadfast support of the Firm, or the luxurious cushioning of the EuroTop, your journey to the perfect night’s sleep begins here.

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